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Christian Hands in Action (CHIA) offers something that is unique. People come to CHIA with a desire to serve. Our offering allows individuals to pick a mission that is best for them. We call these missions Journeys. Each Journey CHIA offers has something that is extremely unique and rewarding. Our Journeys are focused on being Ultra Short-term, Family Friendly, Inexpensive, and Spiritually Rewarding. Below describes the layout of the different Journey Classifications.

Easy Two Step Process for Signing Up:

  1. Please fill out the Online Mission Application (link above and below).  This will allow us to get to know you better and have all the needed information about you.
  2. Upon completion of the Mission Application, click on the “Open” trip below you wish to join and select your payment option.
Medical Mission Anapra Praising in Uganda
Medical Mission Palomas
Water Project in Palomas
Medical Mission
Building Project Palomas


Mission Site
January 20th  
VICTORIA, CHIH (medical/dental/optometric)
January 3rd - 11th
ROATAN, HONDURAS (medical/dental/optometric)
April 7th
El Entronque, Chihuahu
May 12th
Palomas, Chihuahua
June 2nd
El Entronque
August 2nd - 4th
Casas Grandes, Chihuahua ($450 trip)
September 8th Palomas, Chichuahua
October 6th
October 20th Victoria
November 10th
Unless noted, each trip is paid via a Love Offering contribution to CHIA
*Dates and Destinations are Subject to Change.